Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Why Have I Created This??

My marriage is a partnership! We share everything, we talk about everything! But one this is not equal - and thats the housework.

Dont get me wrong, my husband does his best, he'll wash up if he has to but it wouldn't occur to him to wipe the sides down; he'll put the toys away, but any round the edges would be left, Oh and he hoovers, but always does this first so if anythings in the way he just barges it with the vacuum so never does a proper job.

I used to think, why do I bother? He only wrecks it when he gets home.

But I have to bother! If the house is a mess it really gets to me and does make me feel depressed! Whereas, if the house is clear, clean and tidy I dont feel guilty about sitting down to watch the telly, or surf the internet or do some scrapbooking!

So why create a blog about being a housewife?? Well it will help spur me on, to keep at it and I hope, if anyone was to read this, it would help them feel better about their homes.

I know that with 1 husband, 2 kids and a dog I'm never going to have a show home - this is about keeping on top of it all so it doesn't get to much and I end up with Kim and Aggie coming to see me! Its about my kids not being embarrassed to bring friends home (when they are old enough, they're still only babies). Its about being proud of being a Housewife and not thinking of myself as "just a" housewife!


Lara said...

I have many of the same feelings you do...I don't know how to keep on top of it as well as I should! Welcome to blogging! :)

Rach said...

Fab blog idea, In in the same position as you, 2 kids, 1 hubby, 3 dogs, work, housework, cooking - how do we have time for crafting?